Membership and Growth:  Mark Thomsen

  • strive to increase membership
  • consider all membership applications and submit its recommendations to the board of directors
  • develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members
  • host a social activity at least once per quarter


Club Administration: Chair Jerry Oakland

  • provide for most effective club meeting possible
  • coordinate speakers for weekly programs
  • foster fellowship at meetings
  • plan inter-club activities
  • establish a mentor program for new members and members with inconsistent attendance


Community Services and Youth: Chair Cathy Weber

  • seek out and plan service projects for youth in our service area
  • implement volunteer projects that impact children and families
  • coordinate reading program with elementary schools, particularly Taylor Elementary
  • nurture relationships with the local Key and Circle K Clubs
  • Solicit and promote ideas for service
  • Generate at least one service activity every month


Finance and Fund Raising: Chair Pam Landon

  • assist board in preparing and administering a budget of estimated income and expenses
  • oversee fund-raising activities with emphasis on the pancake breakfast, gumball machines and Kernels’ wrist banding fund-raisers
  • review and recommend all contributions on behalf of the Club to various organizations and projects including the shoe and eyeglass programs
  • report on donations and fundraisers to the club at least monthly
  • backup for deposits and financial reports to the Treasurer


Internal and External Communication: Chair Christina Djerf (Mark Thomsen)

  • responsible for helping to ensure that the public is aware of our Club’s achievements and programs
  • communicate with media on club activities
  • keep club members informed on club activities and accomplishments
  • Club activity update at each meeting
  • Email the club the minutes of meetings and board meetings highlighting key information


Human and Spiritual Values: Michael Metz & Joel Sardzinski

  • coordinate /communication/visits with club members who are ailing or have family members who are ill or have recently passed away when needed
  • coordinate invocation at weekly meetings
  • Coordinate a weekly member “Who Am I?” to let us learn about our fellow members

Service Leadership Programs: Chairs: Laurie Worden

  • Liaisons between the Key Clubs and the Kiwanis Club
  • Encourage and promote the activities of the Key Clubs
  • Create opportunities for joint projects between the Key Clubs and Kiwanis Club




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